Link’s failing

Today I have faced defeat. I got the band on the Link hat to about 12 inches and noticed the edge was uneven. I had a missed a stitch a few rows back I tried to unravel it- but it decided it would rather form a knot at the beginning of the row. No big deal right? I tried to cut the stitch that was knotted so I could continue unraveling and maybe add in the yarn when I got to the right row.

No dice. Frick. So, I’m starting over. This time, the band is 11 chains long. I counted. This is the failed attempt;



Do you see why I’m heart broken? I just had like 4 or 5 more inches to go and I could start the crown. I am so upset right now. I just have to be more careful this time around, I suppose. Who would have thought that Backloop SC would screw me up so bad?


Biweekly Update; I stand defeated + Haul

After this project, I Stand defeated. This beading thing, as simplistic as it looked, was a bit outside of my attention span. I kept messing up my color sequence. I stand completely defeated. This project period, I was able to learn how to make Paracord Bracelets. I ALMOST had the Spiral down, but screwed up. Almost had it about 5 times before I got confused and opted to start over.

I don’t have anything to show for this failure, save for a bit of progress on my Scarf side project.


I also got some of my crafty stuff, I’m waiting for my Molds still.  Also, please excuse that plate. xD

I got my Metal Stamps, fabric scraps [yes, I’m addicted to scraps. but why?] and my Micro Engraver. I HAVE NO UNGODLY IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THE ENGRAVER. Like, maybe use it on my clay stuff? Or on my Crystal necklaces? Or engrave certain resin pieces? I have no idea, like I have ideas. But no solid ones. Tomorrow, before I go to work I may try to start an easy beading thing like perhaps a daisy chain or a braided something. I still need to make my mod podge. And auajgdhdfd

I offer my sincerest apologies. I have been bested. I think my downfall was jumping between Tutorials. The first one, I nearly got it down. And then I changed my information. Maybe I’ll tackle this one again one day, after I’m all practiced up.

Update on ze projects. [heartbreak]

I finished my Saint Augustine outfit and I’ve been working on it fairly consistently since about 10am. So that puts about 10 hours of sewing today. And it’s disappointing. It is. I am just so disappointed. I mean, I don’t think it came out AWFUL per se, or even unwearable. But, it upsets me. But, to be fair, it was the first time I’ve sewn ANYTHING in about 5 or 6 months [yikes!]. And it was my first shirt, but it was SUPPOSED to be a Tanktop. Like, what it is even now? Really.

But, ah well. I guess I’m swearing off designing my own clothes and I’m going to try to learn from patterns. I guess you have to know the rules before you can break them. I’ll post pictures tomorrow, as the photos I got tonight upon completion look awful. Flash is sin, but I had to use it or everything was orange [due to the fixtures]. I’ll take a couple of pictures tomorrow in the natural light.

What did I learn today? I learned that the over-locking foot can’t do the zigzag stitch. I learned this by breaking the crap out of the foot and alarming my boyfriend by the noise. I also learned, on a good note, that the over-locking foot is good for quarter inch seam allowances, which I guess are my preferred allowances.

I suppose no one really hops on a sewing machine and starts to crank out beautiful dressing, quickly learns how to draft a bodice. But I’m a little put out, and highly considering staying away from designing my own clothes for a bit, and just learn from patterns. I do have some rather cute dress, skirt and bag patterns that I’m too afraid to touch because there’s so much I don’t understand, but with the challenge of working without directions out of the way I feel like I can tackle a project with a fixed set of directions.

And, I haven’t touched my Challenge today, I got so caught up in my sewing that I lost track of time. I’m probably going to knock out about 10 rows tonight. If I’m very patient. xD

Inspiration crushed by lack of Observation :c

I went to Wal-Mart for craft run and picked up the thread for my Castiel Embroidery, some beads for an order on my shop and some [what I thought] was a set of Polymer clay. I got home to see on the back of the pack it said “Do not bake”. My thought? “K, maybe it’s air dry.” Then I did some research and found that I had bought the EZ Shape stuff that’s wax based.

Really? I was going to make beads tonight. I was going to figure out how to make polymer rings [As most things, I know how IN THEORY. I have an idea…]. But no. I was wrong.

I’ll have to take it back to walmart tomorrow, because I’m too lazy to do it today. And it’s like 95 degrees and as much as I love blaring Paul Simon and the Scissor Sisters on the highway, I really could do with out the heat. So, that idea gets put onto the back burner until tomorrow. Which is fine I guess, I think I missed something anyway. Think I need some sort of paint or spray finish to give the finished beads/rings/whatever a shine… But still, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a LITTLE upset. :c

Curse you failed Salt dough experiment for making me impatient [and hurting my delicate ego]. Curse you!

In other news I may not be able to work as much as I want on my bag, since I have the order and an idea for my shop. I’ll get a couple rows done but I’m already slightly upset that I think I won’t make fair headway. :C