New on the shop!

First up, a set of pastel crochet wish bracelets. Once my hemp and other beads get here, there’ll be a LOT of these up, for the summer. So far, I have only this pastel thread and clear, black and silver beads.

Three out of four headbands, complete. Then I get to make duplicates as needed. Hopefully. I hope I need duplicates. I sell most things for 5 dollars with free shipping.

The third completed thing, a pentacle necklace. It’s simple and I think it’s really cute. It’s listed on Etsy and Storenvy. I had to dig out my deep purple thread- symbolizing spirit, and the unity of the elements.


Double Down!

I knocked out two headbands today and I’m kind of proud of myself. Apparently, I’m mainly selling handmade stuff. I was gonna try to turn a profit from stuff I don’t use anymore, but I’m all sentimental and junk. Though, I do have some jewelry I don’t wear. EVER. Yeah, I can do to get of it.

Anyway, these headbands were made with the Genius Headband pattern. And, I checked the text on Ravelry to make sure I wouldn’t offend the author by selling these. Luckily, she’s A-Ok with selling things made with her patterns. Which keeps my conscience clear. They’re both up on Ebay, but I plan to make LOTS of these with all of the different yarns I have. If you’re new to crochet these headbands are really easy to make.

Of course, if you make them give the original author credit.

Drooling over Patterns

I scouted through the pages of free patterns on and came across these (and more!) I only scouted up to the Classic Elite yarn patterns before I quit for the day. I’ll scout through again and bring you even more impressive patterns from this site. Of course, there’re lots of paid patterns that I’m eye-balling, I may share some of those with you guys in another post [I like to keep things free on this end]. I hope you guys like these and I’ll be posting something shortly on a project. I’m kind of itching to pick up knitting needles again thanks to these patterns.


  1. This Circular shawl inspired by Emily Dickinson 
  2. This lacy brioche scarf
  3. This diagonal mesh scarf
  4. Candle Flame Cowl
  5. Berroco Hantsuki
  6. Beroco Duchess
  7. Berroco Nansen
  8. Springlike Headscarf
  9. Flying Geese Shawl
  10. Triple Triangle Cape
  11. Catherine Shawl
  12. Eyelet Diamond Shawl
  13. Forest Hills Lace Scarf
  14. Head in the clouds cowl
  15. Just enough stole
  16. Urban Lace infinity scarf
  17. Ethereal Scarf
  18. Sanibel Lace Shawl
  19. Alpaca Lace Scarf


  1. Berroco Lisbon 
  2. Rowan Tribe [shirt]
  3. Sweetgeorgia Starfish Stole
  4. Berroco Halstead
  5. Diaphanous Shawl
  6. Rozetti Laurel Crochet Stole