Jasmine Hill Adventure!

This is just a teaser of the pictures I took today. If you want to, feel free to check out my Flickr!


See guys? I’m alive!


Going back to the old school

I recently upgraded my camera and decided I want to put myself out as a Photographer. I mean it’s a HUGELY competitive field, but I have to try. In preparation for this, I got contacts [because glasses are no bueno]. I’m going to play with film photography.

This desire was brought on by me playing with an instant film camera- I think it will give me a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation for shots. I’m excited.

I’ve not been making much lately, but I’ve been drawing and writing in a journal for therapeutic reasons. I’ll show you guys some of my drawings and photos. There should be some cool pictures coming Monday- my boyfriend and I are going to a Garden in Wetumpka called “Jasmine Hill” which has replicated Greek ruins and a statue of Athena.

Mainly I’ve been playing video games, mainly Rune Factory 4. Which, by the way, is really cute. REALLY CUTE.


I was taking pictures today and I thought I’d give you guys something. ANYTHING. I’ve been really, really inactive and I’m sorry. Here’s proof that I’m still doing things- just less things. I still love you. ❤

First Photo Post

I told you guys I do almost literally everything.



There’s some photos I took today- I found a way to make them not take up space on my blog. [yay!] My Flickr is HERE if you want to keep up with me, or get a better look at the pictures. :3

I’ll probably post something else later, but for now I have to run. ❤