Sewing roundup!



Convertible top; A convertible top that can be worn 4 different ways. Wonderfully cute and versatile, and pretty easy to boot!

Cute over the shoulder bag; A cute bag pattern, this would be a nice beach day bag. :3

Tulip Skirt; This skirt is an adorable pattern. I can see it being gorgeous in a silky, light fabric. Maybe floral?

Men’s shirt to peplum; I love peplum shirts so much I can’t stand it. I messed up royally last time I tried, maybe I’ll try again.

Long Circle Skirt!!!!!; I LOVE circle skirts, I really need to make this.


Here’s a sewing roundup to inspire some sewing, these are really just too cute. Tomorrow I’m going to get a seam ripper and work on my sewing machine cover, then I need to do one of these.


Pinterest Roundup!


Woven Ribbon and Jumpring necklace!; this is really cute. I almost didn’t add this, but honestly. It’s adorable. It’s easy and cute and I can picture major retailers trying to make 10 dollars apiece for each one. No bueno.

Twisted Turban Headband; This is the pink headband on the collage, and it’s really cute. Notice a change in the theme? The weather’s getting warmer, so more cute little things for spring/summer.

Anthropologie Headband redux; This. This is just way too tempting. In fact, I’m now in the market for a table for my sewing machine. And this roundup is making it seem like a NEED.

Southbay Shawlette;  This link takes you to the blog of a really pretty one that’s been completed. You have to click on the link in her blog to get to the pattern [sorry]. This pattern doesn’t look too difficult. And it’s really light, perfect for the spring.

Easy DIY bracelet; this is pretty easy looking, but worth posting. Another thing I can see retailers over-pricing.

Easy Dress; I’m fairly sure I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth posting again. Because, really, who doesn’t like easy sewing with cute results. I mean, even I couldn’t mess this up. And it’s perfect for going to the beach, or just hanging out.

Here you go, guys. A new roundup of some really cute things from Pinterest. I love the spring, it enables me to get started on making really cute dresses and accessories. Good-bye chunky scarves, hello openwork and lace. :3

Pinterest Roundup 16!


Overall Dress (somewhat easy)– This is adorable. Basically take some overalls and cut to make a bodice and then sew on some fabric. Bam! Super cute. :3

Crochet Mobius Shawl– This is really cute. And the instructions look super easy. I’ve always wanted a Mobius shawl… :3

Single Crochet Foundation– I’ve seen some patterns that call for SCFC and I had no idea how to do it. Maybe this will help me, along with some of you. 😀

Ten Easy Skirt patterns– I picked my favorite skirt from this for the collage. Maybe when I find a table for my sewing machine I’ll be able to make some of these. 😀

Tunsinian Crochet– I found this and I’ve been curious about Tunsinian Crochet for a while….Doesn’t look TOO hard. xD

Pinterest Roundup; The Big 1-0!


This Basic Slouch Hat; This slouch hat is done in crochet, and it calls for that gorgeous ‘Amazing’ yarn from Lion Brand. I’ve been oggling that yarn for weeks and now, thanks to this pattern, I have a specific thing in mind for it. It looks more functional than the slouch I made last week, so this is going to be a thing. I’m actually excited.

Fast and Simple Fall Scarf; This scarf is fast to work and gorgeous. I can see it done in multicolored yarns of any variation. Also, as quick gifts and cozy accessories for yourself. If I can find some yarn that speaks to me, I certainly see this scarf in my near future.

Coffee Cozy [Crochet]; If you’re like me, then during the winter, you gravitate towards hot coffee. And if you’re like me, you may hate the feel of the cardboard. And, thus, I add the coffee cozy to the list for this week. This is effective, cute and simple.

Reversible Circles of lace scarf; This pattern is beautiful and I found it first HERE. I can’t wait to make it, I’m pretty sure I’d like to use some thin fingering weight or even that Lion brand ‘Amazing’ yarn may work. It’ll be a while, but look at it. Isn’t it gorgeous? Might not be the coziest, but it’ll do for fall or spring. 😀

This time, regrettably, I only have time to put four up. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as some of the other ones. Really, roundups are getting hard. Because, I guess, I’m so picky and such. I’ll start compiling next week and it may not all be stuff from pinterest, I’ll just start searching for stuff and pinning it myself. That would probably make me a bit happier. xD

I know there’s a couple of things I want to work on this list, but alas; I already have approximately 14 million ideas. I’ll be posting some sort of scarf update this evening. Stay tuned!

Pinterest Round up Seven :D

Pinterest roundup seven

First up is this adorable Crochet Headband; I would love to make this or maybe just make the flower and add it to other projects. Either way, this is super cute.

Next, This really well done zipper pouch tutorial; Aside from being a well done zipper pouch tutorial, it’s also a fairly easy to follow Zipper tutorial. Though she doesn’t go into what to do if your zipper’s too long and you need to cut it and then lock the end [or whatever]. All in all, the project is really cute.

An absolutely gorgeous Shawl [crochet]; Really. Just look at that thing. It’s so pretty and dainty and I think I want to make one for myself. The pattern itself is on Ravelry, but I believe it downloads in a compact PDF file and won’t take much space.

A really cute crochet slouch hat; I’ve been aching for a slouch hat, this may be the one I make. It throws me off a little, since the slouch is so pronounced, but my hair’s really thick I think I could counter act that.

A GORGEOUS Mobius Wrap [Crochet]; Wow. This is really cute. I was wondering what to do with that yarn I won in that giveaway, I think I found my answer. I love mobius wraps but I never made one, looks like it’s time to change that.

Pinterest Roundup! :D

Crochet Infinity Scarf [easy]; this scarf is cute. I like her multicolored one, which I used in the collage. I may have to make this this one of these days in preparation for the oncoming winter. 😀


Best friend Lace knit scarf; this is so pretty. I love her colors, of course, I’d make it different colors since I like to be difficult. Doesn’t look terribly hard, either. 😀

Wire Birdnest; I bet you guys have seen those bird nests made out of wire and beads. And, I bet, that like me, you thought they were both cute and difficult. That’s not the case. Really. I’m actually surprised at how easy these look. Would pair well with Polymer Clay backgrounds with some of embossing going on.

Dream catcher tutorial; I always thought dream catchers required a lot of macrame skill. But it looks like there’s not actually any knots, but the string sort of wraps around and continues on. Hm. Cool. Thought I’d share this 😀

Plant Imprints on Polymer; A pin had a link that was no longer valid, so I hunted for a tutorial and this was the best I saw. I really wanted to share this, because it’s really not that difficult and the finished product is gorgeous. [Source]

There you have it folks, the latest Pinterest Round Up. I like to keep them diverse. And I also really like to give the original person credit, so if the creators of these tutorials see them and don’t think I gave enough credit, or that I gave credit to the wrong people, please let me know.

If you follow these tutorials give the brilliant mind behind them their dues, guys. 😀

Pinterest Roundup Deux! Diversity

Round up two

Sewing Machine Cover– I chose this because I’m lazy and under-motivated and if I put this here it will motivate me to get in gear and make a sewing machine cover for my Brother. I’ve been meaning to for ages. xD

Polymer Clay Beads– This is a wonderful tutorial on making 3D Bezeled Polymer clay beads. I can totally see this working for a Pendant, a broach… So many possibilities

Tree of life Wire Wrapping– These pendants are all the rage right now, and they’re overpriced in shops. But they’re really not that hard to make. Check it out. :3

No-Bake Eclair– I’ve made this so many times, and even for a couple of Big family holidays. It’s a hit with the family and me and my boyfriend’s friends. Not only is it really good, it’s really easy. Seriously. You should try this. And feel free to use Caramel on top, or even just whipped cream with drizzled fudge. I think I use half the Whipped Cream in the Pudding as is called for. Take all the liberties you want, and it’ll still be amazing. :3

Daisy Chain Beading Tutorial– I’ve been into beading for a few months and I need to start practicing with it again, because it’s rewarding to tackle a hard pattern. But this. This is cute, classic and easy. If you’re a bead novice, this may help. :3