Biweekly Project update; Deja Vu [POLL]

I’ve been at this point in this project already….In my first attempt, which I didn’t like. I’ve completed 15 rows and I want to get this first one done tonight. I’m dreading starting the second one, because I hate crocheting in a chain. And my hand is cramping terribly from the sustained crocheting.

I work so tightly it’s a huge pain, and I think maybe if I work loosely next time….I’m not sure I know how to work loosely, but I suppose I’ll learn. No choice, really. Unless I want to be endlessly frustrated and swear like a sailor while working on a seemingly “zen” hobby.

Anyway, I’ll be adding photos to this post in a bit, once I get to 20 and then again when I add the shells. And yet again when I join it. I’ll be posting the spiffy try-me-on pictures when I have both of them. So, my dearly beloved followers, I have a question. Refer to the poll below and give me advice. xD

PS; I made my blog all classy looking. You should check out the header image I made. /spoiler: I’m proud.