Fun Fur Faux Pas

Look at this fuzzy beast. This…Was an experiment. I wanted to see how my backup plan with fun fur worked. I used it with Mint Blue to make it easy for me to deal with. It’s crazy redonk to crochet with JUST Fun fur.

I think this will suffice though.


Owl Challenge; Teeny Tiny Owl Keychain

Challenge Part One; Tiny Owl

Position on List: 7

Today’s project was a series of tiny Owls. The first one, was mine. Worked in Mint Blue and Bone. After my boyfriend and my room mate saw the owl they both decided that they would like one. I got the colors Charcoal Heather and Grey Heather approved by both of them and started to work.

Definitely a bit of trial and error. To figure out how I wanted to do the faces and wings. The pattern , for me left some room to play with. One has a cape, because my boyfriend likes Batman and he thought the colors were suitable. I’m going to be making a cape for the other gray one, too.

They seem confident that these will be successful in my shop, so I’m hoping. I’ll be whipping up a lot of these in different color schemes with different faces and stuff. I may try to do more elaborate wings and stripes and stuff. Once I get better adjusted to working with Amigurumi.

Definitely not a bad start.

Slouch hat Success! [questionable]

Success! But it looks weird, and I think maybe, I don’t want a slouch hat, but a beret. I love making things and realizing that I want something else. The joys of being crafty, I guess. But another joy of being  crafty, is the ability to try again. So, I’ll do that. And maybe make a beret next, with my loom. I bought a straight loom, too. I want to start a panda scarf for one of my friends. The panda scarf could probably either be worked completely in crochet, or maybe the main piece in Loom knit with the panda parts being in crochet. I’m only sure that I want one. Now, I’m probably going to hunt for a beret pattern, and tonight I’ll knit some more on my kitty scarf. OH! I have good news, I found the LAST grey heather at Walmart. THE LAST ONE. I HAVEN’T SEEN ONE IN WEEKS.  It wasn’t even in the right place. It was like five levels below where it was supposed to be. But I have it, so I have plenty of materials for my Kitty scarf. Now I need to finish the scarf part. I balled up the yarn so I could gauge how much yarn I have and how far along I really am. It’s easier like this, even though now I need a yarn bowl so it doesn’t roll around on the ground or the table. That’s about it right now. 😀

kitty scarf progress day eight


Got to row 64 today, I skimped a bit today in lieu of spending time with my better half. But it’s coming along. It looks about 10 inches…..ish. Knitting is slow. But I’m getting a bit faster with it. Still slow, though. Luckily I picked some yarn that doesn’t make my hands feel weird. :3

OH! I made resin! It dried. I am about the happiest thing in the world right now. My actual Envirotech Resin stuff that I mixed worked. I have some molds done and I need bales…So I can make them into pendants…. But I’ll get it, I’m sure. Right now, I almost certain I screwed up on them…But it’ll be okay. You have to learn somehow. All of my rubberbands are here and I’ll probably play with my loom tomorrow :3

As for my Resin stuff, I made a couple of ‘lucky penny” resin pendants. Basically, super shiny new pennies in Resin. Viola. But, I think I messed up, because I realized  I should have oriented them differently, as they are, I think the backs aren’t flat enough to glue a bale to it. On second thought, I should have used my Bezels. Oh well, I guess.

You may be seeing some sketches at some point. I talked myself out of buying a thin chain for Jewelry because I couldn’t tell myself for sure what I wanted it for. I have a vague idea, but I don’t actually KNOW. So there’s that. But I think for the most part, I’m trying to narrow my hobbies down and figure out WHAT I want to do. I like Jewelry design, but SIMPLE jewelry design. Ya feel me? I enjoy bezels and backgrounds and resins, but when it comes to intricate designs and whatnot….Not so much. I think I’ll keep my Jewelry lust at a minimum and do simple stuff. After all, I really have so much that I do. For the most part, I know I quite like Cross Stitch/Embroidery and the like. Needle crafts, yarn stuff and sewing. I think though I’ll stick to experiments with clay and plants and see what kind of jewelry and such I can make. However, I know I want to learn Wireworking :3

I’m at this really, really doubting place in my path. I don’t know what I want, which leaks into my crafting. I’ll get it though. Sorry to ramble! 😀

Kitty Scarf Day four progress!


I completed 10 more rows for a total of 30 rows. It’s probably about 4 or 5 inches now. far cry from the required 60, but at the VERY LEAST, it’s super smooth sailing now. Instead of chanting “Knit one, knit two. Purl one, purl two.” to myself repeatedly for every row, I only have to count the stitches at the end to see that I’m on track. I’m getting it, my yarn holding is shoddy and I’m knitting So much looser than I like to, but, I had to do that to make purling not such a huge pain. I’ll most likely complete between 10 and 20 rows tomorrow, either before or during work. This project is looing a fair amount more doable than it looked a couple of days ago.

On another note, I broke out the modpodge today, or, the modpodge I made. It works [I believe] as it should. My stamp…rubber sheet thing came today, I intend to institute a few ideas…I just have no idea how at this point. My V tool is on the way and my Exacto knife blade keeps popping out. So…Also I’m a bit wary of the exacto blade because I sliced my finger open with it a day or so ago [no stitches, just a lot of blood]. Perhaps a tissue blade can aid me in splitting the sheet in half to double the usable stamp rubber… My tiny engraver doesn’t really help with stamp making, so I guess I have to rely on blades and the like. Ouch and ew.

I ordered 600 more bands for my rainbow loom, and they should be here tomorrow…Which I’m excited for. Because I like the bright colors and such. Also, I just had a thought, I wonder if I should make this in bulkier yarn later on the road? Perhaps I could sell some on my shop and market them for colder climates…Hm.

My shop is terribly neglected so I’m brainstorming. xD

kitty scoodie day three progress


A row counter I installed turned out to about the best thing I’ve ever gotten on my tablet. So long as I remember that Odd rows are K2, P2 and even rows are P2, K2, I’ll be okay. I made note of that tiny fact in my counter, so I should be good. I actually DID get up to row twenty. Didn’t unravel it at all today, thankfully. I think I’ve got it down. I count my stitches every row and I’m not dropping stitches or adding new ones mysteriously. It’s been an on again off again thing today, really. I don’t like to continuously knit things, or crochet things….I like to give my hands a rest. But it’s cool. I’ve got possibly two inches? One and a half? Only like 59 more inches to go. Omg. Not to mention, guys, that the last day of this project is the day before my final exams. Christ. I planned this poorly.
I’m slightly worried now….Oh well, I suppose. I’ll be okay. I hope. But here it is. My kitty scarf on day three and I actually made a few tentative steps forward

Kitty Scarf project day two


I’m a bit heartbroken. I got up to row 12 earlier, but I found that instead of a nice and consistent 42 stitches, my rows had graduated to 45 stitches. In my annoyance, and inability to figure out WHERE I messed up, I unraveled and surrendered until I returned home from a birthday party. I read some of the Stitch N Bitch handbook, which I got on my tablet and decided to try again. I got two rows in this evening before bed, and downloaded a stitch counter. So who knows, this may be a time i don’t have to unravel. Then again, I do have to do consistent stitches for 60 inches. But this shows that I’m trying. And, people, i’m trying really hard. I’ll hopefully get up to row 20 or more tomorrow [gasp!]. I hope.