My own hat!

2013-12-23 12.45.42

I guess I lied about that cowl, with this lovely wine colored yarn. I made a hat! It looks pretty good, and the best part? It’s reversible! One side, slanting lines. The other is clean and crisp. I kind of like it. It was going to be a beret, but I don’t have anything to block it with. :c


Slouch hat Success! [questionable]

Success! But it looks weird, and I think maybe, I don’t want a slouch hat, but a beret. I love making things and realizing that I want something else. The joys of being crafty, I guess. But another joy of being  crafty, is the ability to try again. So, I’ll do that. And maybe make a beret next, with my loom. I bought a straight loom, too. I want to start a panda scarf for one of my friends. The panda scarf could probably either be worked completely in crochet, or maybe the main piece in Loom knit with the panda parts being in crochet. I’m only sure that I want one. Now, I’m probably going to hunt for a beret pattern, and tonight I’ll knit some more on my kitty scarf. OH! I have good news, I found the LAST grey heather at Walmart. THE LAST ONE. I HAVEN’T SEEN ONE IN WEEKS.  It wasn’t even in the right place. It was like five levels below where it was supposed to be. But I have it, so I have plenty of materials for my Kitty scarf. Now I need to finish the scarf part. I balled up the yarn so I could gauge how much yarn I have and how far along I really am. It’s easier like this, even though now I need a yarn bowl so it doesn’t roll around on the ground or the table. That’s about it right now. 😀

Kitty Scarf day 10! Also, a look at the future.

First off, I got to row 90 as I promised. It’s probably just over a foot long. When I measured it at 70 rows, it was 11 inches. So, my guess is over a foot. It’s coming along well and my speed comes and goes. I’ll go for a row or two like a boss, and then randomly I’ll forget how to hold my yarn and the going’s slow.

Also, I started the cross stitch on my Enochian Angel Banishment Sigil, which I’m fairly excited about. The going on this is hella slow, but it’s to be expected, since it’s cross stitch. I mean, cross stitch is really slow anyway. But I can’t wait for it to be done. I sketched out my Goddess Embroidery project and, I think I’ll keep that instead of selling it. Because, it’s not even done, but I feel connected to it like I need it for my Altar. Perhaps the Goddess wanted me to make it. Whatever the case, that’s going to be mine, but I’ll update you guys. 😀

And further, I’m going to make candles. I ordered the wax, dye and wick from the internet tonight and I’ll go hunting incense and essential oils for the scent. Along with various cups and bowls and whatnot from Ye Olde Goodwill. I figure, because of my path it would make sense that I make candles, for myself and others. Perhaps spell candles? With gems to enhance the effects of the color correspondence and oils… I have so many ideas, really, I’m just bristling with them I’m sure you can tell. 😀

You’ll be getting updates and junk along the way. :3

Biweekly Update + Resin play!

As promised, I made a resin pendant. Well, prepped a resin pendant. The idea behind it is to carry a bit of summer with me. If this works well, I’ll make a fall one and actually put a background. This is mainly a test. [of my patience, and this mold I’m using, that has really mixed reviews.

The knitting is going….weird. See that? The ribs are weird and mismatched. In my defense, I’m a super beginning with Knitting and I’m by no means  terribly worried about little mistakes. I’ll keep the weird ribs there to learn from and remember. Somehow, I keep miscounting stitches and I have no idea what’s happening.

The scarf, I’m three rows into the third purple and my thought is now that I’m going to need more yarn. So I may stitch it together for an infinity scarf, or add a button for a cowl or something. Either way, I don’t really want to go buy MORE yarn for this beast. I MIGHT have enough yarn for the rest of this current block, and the next blue one. I’m intent on ending this scarf with a blue block.

Back to the resin, I want to touch it. But I don’t want to leave a fingerprint. I guess I’ll poke it with  stick tomorrow to see how hard it is. Also, this may seem foolhardy and arrogant, but bending the headpin to 90 degrees wasn’t too hard, so I’m now thinking about wire shaping as not being too hard. Not like, super intricate things, but simplistic little wire things.

So that’s today. I still need to do my 10 pages of reading, but I have time. :3

like riding a bike

I, on a whim, decided to pick up knitting again today. I kind of want to make myself a nice headband. It’s not hard, but it’s tedious and requires more concentration than crochet. Instead of one hook, I control two needles and I hold my yarn in the opposite hand. It’s a bit odd to do this again

But I don’t mind. For the cast on, so far as I can tell, there’s a couple kinds. I prefer the long tail cast on, since it’s not all slow and  confusing for me. The ‘simple’ cast on starting with a slip knot and requiring maneuvering of the two needles just seems unnecessary to me. I’ll stick to what  I know, at the moment. And what I know is knitting like riding a bike.

One I recalled the cast on, figuring the garter/knit stitch was second nature. It was goofy to just stop knitting….for like 7 months. But, oh well. Just an update on something unrelated. I need a nice toasty headband. :3

Biweekly Update; I stand defeated + Haul

After this project, I Stand defeated. This beading thing, as simplistic as it looked, was a bit outside of my attention span. I kept messing up my color sequence. I stand completely defeated. This project period, I was able to learn how to make Paracord Bracelets. I ALMOST had the Spiral down, but screwed up. Almost had it about 5 times before I got confused and opted to start over.

I don’t have anything to show for this failure, save for a bit of progress on my Scarf side project.


I also got some of my crafty stuff, I’m waiting for my Molds still.  Also, please excuse that plate. xD

I got my Metal Stamps, fabric scraps [yes, I’m addicted to scraps. but why?] and my Micro Engraver. I HAVE NO UNGODLY IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THE ENGRAVER. Like, maybe use it on my clay stuff? Or on my Crystal necklaces? Or engrave certain resin pieces? I have no idea, like I have ideas. But no solid ones. Tomorrow, before I go to work I may try to start an easy beading thing like perhaps a daisy chain or a braided something. I still need to make my mod podge. And auajgdhdfd

I offer my sincerest apologies. I have been bested. I think my downfall was jumping between Tutorials. The first one, I nearly got it down. And then I changed my information. Maybe I’ll tackle this one again one day, after I’m all practiced up.

Biweekly Update; Maybe I got dis?

So far, today, I’ve managed to try the Russian Spiral. What you see is my first valiant attempt. It actually looks like a spiral. I think I managed to, for the most part, figure this pattern out. I’m aiming to get a bracelet done with this pattern…But I’m not entirely sure. But, I’m proud. It looks like a spiral. This pattern is weird looking as your work it. But I managed to get a spiral tubey thing. So, I’m feeling mildly accomplished.

Also, I made my paracord bracelet. I didn’t measure it, as per my normal misguided judgement. And, as expected it came out shorted than I needed. The Square knots didn’t make it to the other side. It came out about 2 inches short, knot-wise. In the picture it’s only about an inch or so, but that’s because I slid the knots down to cover space. I’ll…get it right next time I’ll get it right. Maybe.   I hope.

The point is that I kind of figured out the Spiral, and I got the paracord bracelet figure out [aside from the measurement aspect]. But I got the burning the ends down and tying knots. So, yay me! A super huge yay for the spiral. I kind of grasped it, so I’m feeling accomplished. I kind of want to make my ModPodge, but I really have no idea why I even want the stuff.

I didn’t get my yarn yesterday, because I’m trying to be conservative right now so I can pay off all my bills and junk.  I may end up making a cowl or something with that. Like, make a button hole and have a big chunky cowl/collar/neck brace. Or something. I’m not terribly sure.