New on the shop!

Medium Sized Owl Toy- $10

New Additions to the small Owls-$6

As far as crafting stuff goes, today I bought some White Puff balls for when I make bunny rabbits- soon. I got my hands on a hot glue gun and I’m pleasantly surprised. They really do make things easier.

I think I have enough owls now, so I may move to another project and make some different animals. 😀


My favorite owl yet :D



For some reason, I think this is my favorite owl yet. I like his colors and his shape. He’s not got a face yet- but I’ll add button eyes and a felt beak. :3

For this, I doubled the original patter. Started with 12 in the magic loop, doubled to 24, then 36. I SC’d for a long time and decided at some point to decrease to 24 with the [1SC, SC2tog]. I did a few more rounds of SC then decreased again to with [1SC, SC2Tog]. Then I stuffed him and gave him ears.

That pattern was a good starting point, I don’t even need it anymore. Just kind of decide to make an owl and go.

This owl type will be 10.00 on my Etsy shop, and the ones I showed you yesterday, the Burgundy/Gold and Mint/Gold/Burgundy will be with the 6.00 owls as soon as I set them up with wings and peepers.


New on the shop!

First up, a set of pastel crochet wish bracelets. Once my hemp and other beads get here, there’ll be a LOT of these up, for the summer. So far, I have only this pastel thread and clear, black and silver beads.

Three out of four headbands, complete. Then I get to make duplicates as needed. Hopefully. I hope I need duplicates. I sell most things for 5 dollars with free shipping.

The third completed thing, a pentacle necklace. It’s simple and I think it’s really cute. It’s listed on Etsy and Storenvy. I had to dig out my deep purple thread- symbolizing spirit, and the unity of the elements.

Double Down!

I knocked out two headbands today and I’m kind of proud of myself. Apparently, I’m mainly selling handmade stuff. I was gonna try to turn a profit from stuff I don’t use anymore, but I’m all sentimental and junk. Though, I do have some jewelry I don’t wear. EVER. Yeah, I can do to get of it.

Anyway, these headbands were made with the Genius Headband pattern. And, I checked the text on Ravelry to make sure I wouldn’t offend the author by selling these. Luckily, she’s A-Ok with selling things made with her patterns. Which keeps my conscience clear. They’re both up on Ebay, but I plan to make LOTS of these with all of the different yarns I have. If you’re new to crochet these headbands are really easy to make.

Of course, if you make them give the original author credit.

Drop Stitch Headband Complete

The headband is complete and I’m pleased with the speed at which it was done. Stretchy and open, and really really cute.


Seriously- Look. It’s on sale on Ebay, if you’re interested. Let me know what you think. Should I make more of these?

Drop stitch headband



This is my current project- a White Drop Stitch headband. I’m planning, once I get it to length, to make a piece of knit fabric and make it look like a bow. OR, perhaps making a little crochet flower or bow and attach it. Or maybe both? Idk. This is basically working off of the  It’s a Cinch thing. But I’m adapting it for a more summery, airy style.

This will be available on Ebay, as early as tomorrow evening or afternoon, if you’re interested. The price will probably be around 6 dollars, since that seems to be my go-to for headbands. Also, this one’s not spectacularly difficult, so I can’t justify charging more. Shipping will most likely be free, or just enough to pay for the shipping label.

The pattern I’m following, in case you’re curious is;


Cast on 22 [or whatever you feel like, the cast on doesn’t appear to be really important here. Thick, thin….It all works]

I’m knitting the first four rows.

Then, I pick up a stitch like I’m going to knit it, and instead of wrapping once, I wrap three times. Then pull the wrapped thread through as though regularly knitting. Do that for each stitch.

Then, knit the first loop of each set of three, and let the other yarn overs slide off. Do that for each stitch.

Then simply knit the next three row [I count the first knit row after the dropped stitches as row one] and just repeat.