Planned Projects

I was playing around on the internet, when an idea hit me. I was considering going to Walmart to buy a Polymer clay kit, but I hate Walmart and I’m lazy and have you seen the gas prices lately? So, I started thinking about playing with clay ahead of time, because I knew of Salt Dough and then it hit me. Planned Projects should be a thing. Totally different from Inspiration.


Salt and Cornstarch Dough that dries like Porcelain– Because, I want to learn to work with clay but at the moment, I’m far too cheap and lazy to drive to Walmart. [Kind of want to make a charm bracelet with this idea]
Hobo Bag!– Maybe not this one. But may this one. I have The Sew Everything Workshop book, and I’m considering making it as per her pattern. Either way. I want a hobo bag.


Little Circle Sundress- Because it’s summer, and I LOVE the wide twirl of a circle skirt so much, I just want to put it on a dress. I think I’ll learn shirring for this one.
High-Low Skirt [from scratch]- I adore High-Low skirts and I think it’s a travesty that I don’t own one.


Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf with embroidered emblem- Possibly do this in a two part project. [As well as a Ravenclaw Scarf with emblem]

Wood and Polymer Harry Potter Wand

Pacman charm bracelet

Sherlock Scarf [from season two]

Tarot Bags x5

Offering Bowl Out of Polymer Clay


Candle Holders out of Polymer


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