Crochet baby hat! :D


I’ve made a baby hat- I’m selling them at work to my coworkers along with my other hats. I made one with a bow that I’ll have on my shop really soon (like Tuesday when I get my coworker to take a picture of his child wearing it).


New on the shop!

Medium Sized Owl Toy- $10

New Additions to the small Owls-$6

As far as crafting stuff goes, today I bought some White Puff balls for when I make bunny rabbits- soon. I got my hands on a hot glue gun and I’m pleasantly surprised. They really do make things easier.

I think I have enough owls now, so I may move to another project and make some different animals. 😀

My favorite owl yet :D



For some reason, I think this is my favorite owl yet. I like his colors and his shape. He’s not got a face yet- but I’ll add button eyes and a felt beak. :3

For this, I doubled the original patter. Started with 12 in the magic loop, doubled to 24, then 36. I SC’d for a long time and decided at some point to decrease to 24 with the [1SC, SC2tog]. I did a few more rounds of SC then decreased again to with [1SC, SC2Tog]. Then I stuffed him and gave him ears.

That pattern was a good starting point, I don’t even need it anymore. Just kind of decide to make an owl and go.

This owl type will be 10.00 on my Etsy shop, and the ones I showed you yesterday, the Burgundy/Gold and Mint/Gold/Burgundy will be with the 6.00 owls as soon as I set them up with wings and peepers.


New on the shop!

First up, a set of pastel crochet wish bracelets. Once my hemp and other beads get here, there’ll be a LOT of these up, for the summer. So far, I have only this pastel thread and clear, black and silver beads.

Three out of four headbands, complete. Then I get to make duplicates as needed. Hopefully. I hope I need duplicates. I sell most things for 5 dollars with free shipping.

The third completed thing, a pentacle necklace. It’s simple and I think it’s really cute. It’s listed on Etsy and Storenvy. I had to dig out my deep purple thread- symbolizing spirit, and the unity of the elements.

Video update; Also Embroidery Completed :D

2013-11-07 10.32.03


Woohoo! Finally completed my “In Castiel we trust” embroidery. Those ‘stains’ aren’t stains, it’s the water that hasn’t dried yet from where I was wiping off the Water Soluble ink. Also, like I mentioned in the video, those rainbow loom bracelets are available on my Etsy shop. Considering picking up some embroidery project or another, but I’ll figure it out. I do too much xD