Crochet baby hat! :D


I’ve made a baby hat- I’m selling them at work to my coworkers along with my other hats. I made one with a bow that I’ll have on my shop really soon (like Tuesday when I get my coworker to take a picture of his child wearing it).


Current Projects

Here are the current projects;

Those are the current projects + one more that I want to start. I’m making my boyfriend a regular link hat in green, and making one for me from an etsy pattern in maroon. I my be making one for our friend in green, too. I kind of haven’t had chance to work on the knitted ones i.e. the scarves. But I’m going to do a couple of repeats on each cable scarf. [Mainly because I do them one or two repeats at a time]

I want to get the headband for this hat done so I can work on the crown of it, but ugh so much to do.

My own hat!

2013-12-23 12.45.42

I guess I lied about that cowl, with this lovely wine colored yarn. I made a hat! It looks pretty good, and the best part? It’s reversible! One side, slanting lines. The other is clean and crisp. I kind of like it. It was going to be a beret, but I don’t have anything to block it with. :c

Slouch hat Success! [questionable]

Success! But it looks weird, and I think maybe, I don’t want a slouch hat, but a beret. I love making things and realizing that I want something else. The joys of being crafty, I guess. But another joy of being  crafty, is the ability to try again. So, I’ll do that. And maybe make a beret next, with my loom. I bought a straight loom, too. I want to start a panda scarf for one of my friends. The panda scarf could probably either be worked completely in crochet, or maybe the main piece in Loom knit with the panda parts being in crochet. I’m only sure that I want one. Now, I’m probably going to hunt for a beret pattern, and tonight I’ll knit some more on my kitty scarf. OH! I have good news, I found the LAST grey heather at Walmart. THE LAST ONE. I HAVEN’T SEEN ONE IN WEEKS.  It wasn’t even in the right place. It was like five levels below where it was supposed to be. But I have it, so I have plenty of materials for my Kitty scarf. Now I need to finish the scarf part. I balled up the yarn so I could gauge how much yarn I have and how far along I really am. It’s easier like this, even though now I need a yarn bowl so it doesn’t roll around on the ground or the table. That’s about it right now. 😀

Kitty Scarf project day two


I’m a bit heartbroken. I got up to row 12 earlier, but I found that instead of a nice and consistent 42 stitches, my rows had graduated to 45 stitches. In my annoyance, and inability to figure out WHERE I messed up, I unraveled and surrendered until I returned home from a birthday party. I read some of the Stitch N Bitch handbook, which I got on my tablet and decided to try again. I got two rows in this evening before bed, and downloaded a stitch counter. So who knows, this may be a time i don’t have to unravel. Then again, I do have to do consistent stitches for 60 inches. But this shows that I’m trying. And, people, i’m trying really hard. I’ll hopefully get up to row 20 or more tomorrow [gasp!]. I hope.