Kind of want to make a doll

  1. The pink lady
  2. Bratz Inspired
  3. This Teddy
  4. Oopsie Doll
  5. Bee Girl
  6. The Basics

  I want to learn how to make people. So I can do customized Amigurumi dolls and make fan-dolls for shows and such. I’m kind of loving the Pink Lady. But of course, these are on the back burner with the owl thing I got going on. From this list I may do one or two, but most likely not all of them.


Bigger Owl pattern

Since THIS PATTERN Is insanely easy to manage, I’m going to attempt to write a pattern for a bigger owl. Using the same basic idea, but increasing the stitches all around. This pattern was written as I was crocheting it, as much to keep my attention on counting and to give myself a workable pattern [as well as, write my own pattern *gasp*!]

Gauge is unimportant, as well as hook size. Bigger Hook=Bigger Stitches=Bigger Owl

I used an I hook with worsted weight yarn

Step One; Make a Magic Loop and DC 12 times into it
Step Two; DC Twice into EACH DC around [24 DC]
Three; *1 DC, 2DC in the next stitch* repeat around [36 DC]
Four-Eight; DC for whole round [36DC]
Nine-Twelve; [Change color -optional-] DC for whole round
Thirteen; *1 DC, DC2Tog* around [24 DC]
14-16 DC around [24 DC]
Seventeen; *1 DC, DC2Tog* [12 DC]
Eighteen-Nineteen; DC Around [12 DC]
*Stuff the bird*

Pinch the two layers together and Crochet through them both for; 1 DC, 1HDC, 3 Sl st, 1 HDC, 1 DC [ears]

WINGS [make 2]
One; make a slip knot, chain 4
Row One; DC in second and last chain, ch 2
Row two; DC in each [4] ch 2
Row Three; DC across [4 dc] ch 2
Row four; 5 DC [continue until wide enough]

Optional; Take another color of yarn and SC around the main color. Make two rounds with it, embellish as you wish.

For the face, just go wild.

The first picture is the actual appearance of the owl currently. The second one, my room mate put Golf Tees for eyes. I liked the placement, so when I add eyes I’ll remove those. They make him look crazy and kind of creepy.

My trial and error idea

   I’ve been trying to make a crochet pattern for chevron work for a headband for the past two nights. But for some reason, I can’t make it work. I want to work it in crochet thread, for some reason, and join it with elastic. But, I was having a very hard time finding the right pattern. I think I found it. Here which in turn linked the pattern HERE.

  I’m thinking with the nature of this particular pattern- that being easy to understand and somehow more chill the other patterns I’ve come across, that I can extend this and make a headband. Perhaps my bone and teal yarn would make a lovely headband together. I could also perhaps work a bangle to pair with it.

  Also, you should be expecting to see some new stuff from me shortly. I ordered 4 dozen bangles, and need to acquire suede lace to make dreamcatcher necklaces. I’m considering pairing them with one of the other items in my shop. Just because I feel like the two things would pair well.

  I’m going to be playing with Amigurumi, teddy bears and junk to be specific. I got some fuzzy yarn on the way to start that. I have some fairly exciting things on the way. This is going to be fun. :3

Sewing roundup!



Convertible top; A convertible top that can be worn 4 different ways. Wonderfully cute and versatile, and pretty easy to boot!

Cute over the shoulder bag; A cute bag pattern, this would be a nice beach day bag. :3

Tulip Skirt; This skirt is an adorable pattern. I can see it being gorgeous in a silky, light fabric. Maybe floral?

Men’s shirt to peplum; I love peplum shirts so much I can’t stand it. I messed up royally last time I tried, maybe I’ll try again.

Long Circle Skirt!!!!!; I LOVE circle skirts, I really need to make this.


Here’s a sewing roundup to inspire some sewing, these are really just too cute. Tomorrow I’m going to get a seam ripper and work on my sewing machine cover, then I need to do one of these.

Headwrap almost done!

I say ALMOST because I’m planning to attach a piece of fabric to it. Perhaps pink or blue, for contrast. If I go with pink, maybe a floral pattern. Or, light blue. I’ll check out my fabric stash tomorrow and see what may work, or I’ll go to walmart and check out some fat quarters or the discard bin.

I’m not sure what I’ll make next- Crocheting for hours at a time makes my hands feel really odd and clumsy. Maybe my next project will be a small scale knitting project. I think I’m ready to knit again after the kitty scarf ordeal. That burnt me out fairly well. xD

I’ll probably have some idea about a knitting project tomorrow. I’ll have my sewing table on the 22nd and be able to sew things again. :3


But yeah, stuff’s happening and after finals, it’s very likely that lots of stuff will be happening. I’m going to take a couple of semesters off to indulge my hobbies and interests before I get caught up in special courses and mathematics.

Drooling over Patterns

I scouted through the pages of free patterns on and came across these (and more!) I only scouted up to the Classic Elite yarn patterns before I quit for the day. I’ll scout through again and bring you even more impressive patterns from this site. Of course, there’re lots of paid patterns that I’m eye-balling, I may share some of those with you guys in another post [I like to keep things free on this end]. I hope you guys like these and I’ll be posting something shortly on a project. I’m kind of itching to pick up knitting needles again thanks to these patterns.


  1. This Circular shawl inspired by Emily Dickinson 
  2. This lacy brioche scarf
  3. This diagonal mesh scarf
  4. Candle Flame Cowl
  5. Berroco Hantsuki
  6. Beroco Duchess
  7. Berroco Nansen
  8. Springlike Headscarf
  9. Flying Geese Shawl
  10. Triple Triangle Cape
  11. Catherine Shawl
  12. Eyelet Diamond Shawl
  13. Forest Hills Lace Scarf
  14. Head in the clouds cowl
  15. Just enough stole
  16. Urban Lace infinity scarf
  17. Ethereal Scarf
  18. Sanibel Lace Shawl
  19. Alpaca Lace Scarf


  1. Berroco Lisbon 
  2. Rowan Tribe [shirt]
  3. Sweetgeorgia Starfish Stole
  4. Berroco Halstead
  5. Diaphanous Shawl
  6. Rozetti Laurel Crochet Stole


Pinterest Roundup 16!


Overall Dress (somewhat easy)– This is adorable. Basically take some overalls and cut to make a bodice and then sew on some fabric. Bam! Super cute. :3

Crochet Mobius Shawl– This is really cute. And the instructions look super easy. I’ve always wanted a Mobius shawl… :3

Single Crochet Foundation– I’ve seen some patterns that call for SCFC and I had no idea how to do it. Maybe this will help me, along with some of you. 😀

Ten Easy Skirt patterns– I picked my favorite skirt from this for the collage. Maybe when I find a table for my sewing machine I’ll be able to make some of these. 😀

Tunsinian Crochet– I found this and I’ve been curious about Tunsinian Crochet for a while….Doesn’t look TOO hard. xD