Current WIP?



Yes, yes, I have the knitting bug. My yarn addiction is even worse and this project is annoying and confusing. I started this about  3 weeks ago, and frogged it. I didn’t like how it looked. But I started it, got into two repeats and then waited. Gravity worked its magic on it and I started to like how it looks.

 Honestly though the yarn overs concern me, because I lose count I’m afraid I’ll screw the whole thing. I keep counting the stitches and some of the occurrences of K6 feel like k5 or more. But so far so good numerically. Started at 26 stitches and I still have 26 stitches. Thankfully.

I think I’ll like it, but I might end up selling it. I’m not entirely sure. I’ll probably try to make it really long. But I have no idea. What do you think I do with it? Make it rally really long or a modest 4 feet or so? I’m considering knitting until my yarn’s depleted but I have absolutely NO idea.


Pinterest Roundup; The Big 1-0!


This Basic Slouch Hat; This slouch hat is done in crochet, and it calls for that gorgeous ‘Amazing’ yarn from Lion Brand. I’ve been oggling that yarn for weeks and now, thanks to this pattern, I have a specific thing in mind for it. It looks more functional than the slouch I made last week, so this is going to be a thing. I’m actually excited.

Fast and Simple Fall Scarf; This scarf is fast to work and gorgeous. I can see it done in multicolored yarns of any variation. Also, as quick gifts and cozy accessories for yourself. If I can find some yarn that speaks to me, I certainly see this scarf in my near future.

Coffee Cozy [Crochet]; If you’re like me, then during the winter, you gravitate towards hot coffee. And if you’re like me, you may hate the feel of the cardboard. And, thus, I add the coffee cozy to the list for this week. This is effective, cute and simple.

Reversible Circles of lace scarf; This pattern is beautiful and I found it first HERE. I can’t wait to make it, I’m pretty sure I’d like to use some thin fingering weight or even that Lion brand ‘Amazing’ yarn may work. It’ll be a while, but look at it. Isn’t it gorgeous? Might not be the coziest, but it’ll do for fall or spring. 😀

This time, regrettably, I only have time to put four up. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as some of the other ones. Really, roundups are getting hard. Because, I guess, I’m so picky and such. I’ll start compiling next week and it may not all be stuff from pinterest, I’ll just start searching for stuff and pinning it myself. That would probably make me a bit happier. xD

I know there’s a couple of things I want to work on this list, but alas; I already have approximately 14 million ideas. I’ll be posting some sort of scarf update this evening. Stay tuned!

Slouch hat Success! [questionable]

Success! But it looks weird, and I think maybe, I don’t want a slouch hat, but a beret. I love making things and realizing that I want something else. The joys of being crafty, I guess. But another joy of being  crafty, is the ability to try again. So, I’ll do that. And maybe make a beret next, with my loom. I bought a straight loom, too. I want to start a panda scarf for one of my friends. The panda scarf could probably either be worked completely in crochet, or maybe the main piece in Loom knit with the panda parts being in crochet. I’m only sure that I want one. Now, I’m probably going to hunt for a beret pattern, and tonight I’ll knit some more on my kitty scarf. OH! I have good news, I found the LAST grey heather at Walmart. THE LAST ONE. I HAVEN’T SEEN ONE IN WEEKS.  It wasn’t even in the right place. It was like five levels below where it was supposed to be. But I have it, so I have plenty of materials for my Kitty scarf. Now I need to finish the scarf part. I balled up the yarn so I could gauge how much yarn I have and how far along I really am. It’s easier like this, even though now I need a yarn bowl so it doesn’t roll around on the ground or the table. That’s about it right now. 😀

Minor Update; hat failure and new project

  My first round loom experiment came out as a failure, because the size of yarn I was using is too thin to make it work. Also, I worked way too tight and i couldn’t do the step for the slouch portion that required me to free up a loop by moving it one over. Oh well, I can get some more yarn to play with and use the burgundy for something else, maybe a simple crochet hat.

 My kitty scarf is a progress ever in motion, and it’s slow going. But it is, in fact going. It’s not quite 3 foot 6 inches. But, nearly. I have such a long way to go, but I’m getting a rhythm down that’s helping me move quickly.

 I want to start that Fibonacci scarf, but not yet. Because I need the colors. I may be perusing some craft stores tomorrow for some things to put candles in, since I’m going to Dothan anyway. I really want to do some small, quick crafts so I can put some more up on my shop, but I’m not sure what to put up. If I could find some nice little cups for candles ,I’d be so happy. I swear I keep having flashes of things I could do, but I can’t hold onto the image for long enough.

  Maybe some painted clay charms of some sort? Candles? Simplistic resin charms? Delicate little beaded bracelets? I really want to make some mine craft stuff, or Starbound. Something video-gamey. I’m super interested in trying new stuff, but I lack the drive or the confidence. Which is super disheartening.

  I’ve done a bit of stitching on my Angel Banishment Sigil, I’m running out of black thread and I’m so too lazy to get some more at the moment. 

  Story of my life, huh? 

  I got some lovely, amazing Lionbrand yarn yesterday for my first cable project, and I think I need to get another skein, since the one isn’t going to be enough. Which is no problem, I’ll be in that direction anyway. I think though, for the most part, I’m wanting to crochet myself a slouch hat first, since I have this insatiable hat lust.

  That might be the next thing I start. :3

This is me, double dipping. [pictures to come]

I my knitting is going a bit slowly, but that’s to be expected, since it’s knitting. So, cool. I’m a bit impatient, to be honest. But I’ve come too far to back down now, I will have a kitty scarf so help me god. Maybe by Christmas, which is a sharp extension on wanting to finish it with in a month, but I was woefully unaware of how long this takes. I’m still trucking, though trust me. In the midst of working on study guides, practicing making train noises on my flute [which I just found I’ve been doing totally wrong, it’s the edge closest to you you puff at, it’s the furthest edge of the hole. I was making noise though, I thought there was something off with it], and a crochet project that I hope to have done by the 4th. Oh, right, progress report on my knitting. 3 feet 6 inches or so.

I doubt you remember, but that awesome gryffindor yarn that my good friend over at Strawberry Crafts sent me is going to make a terribly long and painful infinity scarf. I chained I don’t know HOW MANY. Probably a couple hundred, if I had to guess [how wrong, chaining without counting. But that’s the beauty of a DC scarf]. I’m working it entirely in DC, and it’ll possibly have 5 rows. When I stitch the ends together, it’ll make a formidable toasty machine.

As usual, I have a lot on my plate. Since I recently ordered some knitting looms and decided to retire most of my interests for the time being [Polymer, beading/jewelry design and stamping. Save for the really fast projects I can do with jewelry, I’m not touching that too much] and crack  down on yarn and sewing, which I refuse to retire since I spent 200 bucks on a sewing machine.

On the flute front, I don’t think I updated. I have two flutes, which is normally the kind of luck I have. “I’m going to get into this new thing,” then someone goes “oh! that thing! I have a thing for that in my house. Do you want it?” Of course, my answer is “HELLS YEAH”. I swear, I could take up dwarf tossing and someone would just so happen to have a dwarf handy. But, I went of topic. My boyfriend’s grandmother happened to have a Gemeinhardt flute just around, which someone left in one of the trailers she rents out. When I dated the serial number, I found it’s a 1985-1987 model and it’s silver. Pretty much full silver, judging by the sound. It’s pretty, a bit tarnished and the thing is a bit rusted around the headjoint where it connects to the body, since I don’t know the first thing about flute care [let alone flute care for a flute that’s been sitting for over a decade!] I’m going to ask for expert opinions from a [kind of] local music shop.

The one I ordered was a used Hisonic flute, it has a nice sound and a slightly tarnished and worn finish. Most noticeably on one or two of the keys [I don’t know WHICH keys, because I haven’t progressed that far in my studies of the flute], and it has a very minute dent near the bottom of the headjoint. But, ah well. It doesn’t affect the sound, the sound is all on me [choo choo!]. The case is shoddily constructed, since the bolts/nails/whatever holding the hinges on the back of it are already working themselves loose. But it’s pretty, so it has that going for it? It’s a faux leather case…Obviously rather cheap, it won’t cost too much to replace that.

Might start learning to write music and such once I take a refresher course and remind myself of the Musical Staff and the notes and the argggh. Probably going to hunt for books to learn from. If you guys know of any workbook style books that would scoot me along in that respect, leave them in the comments if you’re feeling generous! 😀

Kitty Scarf at 50% Capacity :D



Yech- this thing is taking a lot of yarn. I’m going to need to grab another pack of Grey Heather for the hood. It’s sitting at three feet, so I know what to expect from the new pack. It’ll be okay if the hood is a little…grayer or whatnot. I’ll be proud to see project done. I had a bit of a hiccup with starting a new ball, but I eventually made it work. :3

I bought some lovely Burgundy yarn to make a hat with. Or maybe gloves I haven’t decided yet. My Angel Banishment Sigil is still a WIP, I haven’t done anything on it for about a week, because knitting. And Curiosity with Loom Knitting, which I want to try, by the way. I’m thinking of going to buy a loom this afternoon. :3

My candle stuff is on hold, regrettably. I don’t have the money to go buy lots of pretty tea cups and junk for the candle. Oh- I think I want to make a cowl with my pretty-pretty peacock yarn. Or at least, one of them, since I was a smarty and bought two. :3

My flute is currently en route from Macon Georgia, so I should have it in a couple of days, and I can’t express my happiness about that. I guess that’s about it, for now. I’m going to get cracking on my homework.

Happy Thanksgiving guys!

Kitty scarf update! Woot woot!



I’ve been knitting just about nonstop today and my ball of yarn is almost decimated and if I had to guess, it might be closer to like 2 feet and maybe 8 inches. I don’t know where my tiny tape measure is, and I have no ruler. So, guess work. yay! But, yes. That is what I have done so far, and I’m fairly proud. But also kind of convinced that I’ll need to go to out and buy another pack of yarn.

I bought “The beaders bible” to be able to learn more about beading with in depth instructions and help. I keep thinking I should eventually take on easy projects and move up and opposed to doing what I do best and grabbing the hardest project I think I can do.

I still want things to put candles in, but I don’t have money. Luckily I’m off work tomorrow, but I guess I’ll spend the day in again and finish up this ball of yarn and eagerly await my flute [December 3 or earlier]. I still need to finish my Cross Stitch and start my Goddess Embroidery. But, ehhhhh so many plans and projects and, my god.

Well, that’s about it. I would show you my pathetic ball of yarn that I’m slowly encompassing into the ever increasing length of of my scarf, but that’s for another time. And maybe I can show you tomorrow that my scarf ate up all the yarn. :3