Bigger Owl pattern

Since THIS PATTERN Is insanely easy to manage, I’m going to attempt to write a pattern for a bigger owl. Using the same basic idea, but increasing the stitches all around. This pattern was written as I was crocheting it, as much to keep my attention on counting and to give myself a workable pattern [as well as, write my own pattern *gasp*!]

Gauge is unimportant, as well as hook size. Bigger Hook=Bigger Stitches=Bigger Owl

I used an I hook with worsted weight yarn

Step One; Make a Magic Loop and DC 12 times into it
Step Two; DC Twice into EACH DC around [24 DC]
Three; *1 DC, 2DC in the next stitch* repeat around [36 DC]
Four-Eight; DC for whole round [36DC]
Nine-Twelve; [Change color -optional-] DC for whole round
Thirteen; *1 DC, DC2Tog* around [24 DC]
14-16 DC around [24 DC]
Seventeen; *1 DC, DC2Tog* [12 DC]
Eighteen-Nineteen; DC Around [12 DC]
*Stuff the bird*

Pinch the two layers together and Crochet through them both for; 1 DC, 1HDC, 3 Sl st, 1 HDC, 1 DC [ears]

WINGS [make 2]
One; make a slip knot, chain 4
Row One; DC in second and last chain, ch 2
Row two; DC in each [4] ch 2
Row Three; DC across [4 dc] ch 2
Row four; 5 DC [continue until wide enough]

Optional; Take another color of yarn and SC around the main color. Make two rounds with it, embellish as you wish.

For the face, just go wild.

The first picture is the actual appearance of the owl currently. The second one, my room mate put Golf Tees for eyes. I liked the placement, so when I add eyes I’ll remove those. They make him look crazy and kind of creepy.


Drop stitch headband



This is my current project- a White Drop Stitch headband. I’m planning, once I get it to length, to make a piece of knit fabric and make it look like a bow. OR, perhaps making a little crochet flower or bow and attach it. Or maybe both? Idk. This is basically working off of the  It’s a Cinch thing. But I’m adapting it for a more summery, airy style.

This will be available on Ebay, as early as tomorrow evening or afternoon, if you’re interested. The price will probably be around 6 dollars, since that seems to be my go-to for headbands. Also, this one’s not spectacularly difficult, so I can’t justify charging more. Shipping will most likely be free, or just enough to pay for the shipping label.

The pattern I’m following, in case you’re curious is;


Cast on 22 [or whatever you feel like, the cast on doesn’t appear to be really important here. Thick, thin….It all works]

I’m knitting the first four rows.

Then, I pick up a stitch like I’m going to knit it, and instead of wrapping once, I wrap three times. Then pull the wrapped thread through as though regularly knitting. Do that for each stitch.

Then, knit the first loop of each set of three, and let the other yarn overs slide off. Do that for each stitch.

Then simply knit the next three row [I count the first knit row after the dropped stitches as row one] and just repeat.

Pinterest Roundup Fourteen!

ROundup 14


  Lots of awesome Rainbow Loom Patterns!; Yes, I got swept away with the fairly easy rainbow loom craze. Really, it seems like it’s calmed down a bit. But, I really haven’t. I just haven’t had time. But some of these patterns- I love them. Bring on the bands!

 These Fingerless Gloves! [crochet]; These are cute. Like really cute. And I love the yarn she chose to use. I have a gift card for Michaels and I think I’m going to find some like this and whip me up some gloves.

This Slouchy Hat [crochet]; this one is really cute and it looks easy. The pattern is free on Craftsy. The color is pretty nice too, I think I may work this in a springy color and have me a cute little hat for the spring. 😀

Cute Crochet Infinity Scarves; These look really easy and fast to whip up for you scarf wearing people. Or people up north, where it’s still really chilly. I may have to make a couple of these in preparation for next year, or you know, another weird Alabama fluke. We got snow this year- what?

This Scarf! [Crochet]; This scarf is a free pattern from Red Heart yarns. And looking at it, I always forget that crochet can make some really pretty things. This scarf being one of them. I want to make it- but the only question is: How experienced does a “Experienced” pattern call for?

There you go, guys! A round up on the right day, but a full week late. Do I have talent at being late, or what? There’s a lot on my plate but I promise I’m not dying. I paid for this domain and I intend to use it- and keep using it. I love having my own domain. So much more professional. Not that what I do is “professional”. :/

Can I get paid for this? No, really, I’m curious if I can get paid for running a craft blog. Hm. I need to look into this.