New project- Variegated Yarn Scarf!

I have been hunting to no avail for a pattern to use for my Variegated yarn that I won on a giveaway on this website back in 2013 it’s in the color “Mountain Heather”  and I gotta tell you, folks, it’s really adorable. (I like it, anyway.)

I thought I had found a pattern for it last night, the window pane scarf , and while that pattern is gorgeous, I don’t feel like it works with the weight of the yarn or the hook I stubbornly want to use. So, I went on the search again.

This time I came up with a pattern I’ve been seeing for quite some time that’s piqued my interest, this chevron lace scarf. It’s the correct weight, and while I’m still determined to use my E Hook with the nice wooden handle, I’m sure it’ll look just fine. And if not, I’ll switch to my H (grumbles I guess…).

Guys, I just really (really) want to use this yarn. It’s so pretty and i want to wear it. I want to use it on a project for myself because I’ve making things for my coworkers and it’s my turn. So I’m also doing this from a place of selfishness, I guess.

But dammit, at least I’ll have a fab new scarf out of the deal.


My favorite owl yet :D



For some reason, I think this is my favorite owl yet. I like his colors and his shape. He’s not got a face yet- but I’ll add button eyes and a felt beak. :3

For this, I doubled the original patter. Started with 12 in the magic loop, doubled to 24, then 36. I SC’d for a long time and decided at some point to decrease to 24 with the [1SC, SC2tog]. I did a few more rounds of SC then decreased again to with [1SC, SC2Tog]. Then I stuffed him and gave him ears.

That pattern was a good starting point, I don’t even need it anymore. Just kind of decide to make an owl and go.

This owl type will be 10.00 on my Etsy shop, and the ones I showed you yesterday, the Burgundy/Gold and Mint/Gold/Burgundy will be with the 6.00 owls as soon as I set them up with wings and peepers.


Owl Challenge; Teeny Tiny Owl Keychain

Challenge Part One; Tiny Owl

Position on List: 7

Today’s project was a series of tiny Owls. The first one, was mine. Worked in Mint Blue and Bone. After my boyfriend and my room mate saw the owl they both decided that they would like one. I got the colors Charcoal Heather and Grey Heather approved by both of them and started to work.

Definitely a bit of trial and error. To figure out how I wanted to do the faces and wings. The pattern , for me left some room to play with. One has a cape, because my boyfriend likes Batman and he thought the colors were suitable. I’m going to be making a cape for the other gray one, too.

They seem confident that these will be successful in my shop, so I’m hoping. I’ll be whipping up a lot of these in different color schemes with different faces and stuff. I may try to do more elaborate wings and stripes and stuff. Once I get better adjusted to working with Amigurumi.

Definitely not a bad start.

Next Challenge Chosen!; OWL! [something]

   In honor of my favorite Goddess and Patroness, Athena, I’m making my next challenge to myself an Owl. And owl SOMETHING. I’m tied between three or four different things.

  1. This one from ravelry
  2. Jip the Owl
  3. Owl Bag
  4. This one from Repeat Crafter Me
  5. This one from Is it A Toy
  6. A snuggly Owl Pillow
  7. Teeny tiny owl keychain
  8. Owl Motif for a scarf or headband
  9. These little owls

   I really want to make something OWL related, I was looking for a Lacy Owl pattern. I may make a Filet with an Owl or something. Hell, I may knock out multiple things on this list. I may have to make a new page and cross these off as I’m done with them. The Motif would really be an addition to another project.

  With the owl bag, I wouldn’t make it “Sleepy”. I’d probably make it that weird Half Glare that owls do with half lidded eyes. Seriously may make that key chain- or lots of them. Depending how quickly I pick up this technique. I mean, it’s essentially the same it’s just more dimensional.

  I’ll select my colors and Opening Project tomorrow and begin the challenge, You’ll definitely be updated. OH!

  Also! I ordered LOTS of yarn, so there will be a new haul post with so many pretty yarns. :3

MOUNTAINS OF YARN. MOUNTAINS OF PLANS. I have the PERFECT yarn for these adorable cupcake bears . Aren’t those adorable? I have this lovely fuzzy “eyelash” yarn in this nice crisp white for the bears, and possibly a Kitty. We’ll see.


  1. Going to make owl
  2. Picking colors tomorrow
  3. Will update
  4. Also butt tons of yarn
  5. Yay excitement

My trial and error idea

   I’ve been trying to make a crochet pattern for chevron work for a headband for the past two nights. But for some reason, I can’t make it work. I want to work it in crochet thread, for some reason, and join it with elastic. But, I was having a very hard time finding the right pattern. I think I found it. Here which in turn linked the pattern HERE.

  I’m thinking with the nature of this particular pattern- that being easy to understand and somehow more chill the other patterns I’ve come across, that I can extend this and make a headband. Perhaps my bone and teal yarn would make a lovely headband together. I could also perhaps work a bangle to pair with it.

  Also, you should be expecting to see some new stuff from me shortly. I ordered 4 dozen bangles, and need to acquire suede lace to make dreamcatcher necklaces. I’m considering pairing them with one of the other items in my shop. Just because I feel like the two things would pair well.

  I’m going to be playing with Amigurumi, teddy bears and junk to be specific. I got some fuzzy yarn on the way to start that. I have some fairly exciting things on the way. This is going to be fun. :3


  Probably lots of stuff coming up, since school is over and I have time now. I’ve made like 5 different headbands this week and I’m working on one more right now. I’m going to put LOTS on Etsy, yes, sue me, I’m indecisive. I also have some goodies for my photography coming- such as gradient color filters, ND filters, a new lens….

   And I have a way to write out and about- I bought myself a 13 inch macbook to take places to edit pictures on the fly and write. So, lots of stuff going on. Good stuff. 

  I’m excited. 

  1. Got a new car- a bright yellow 2004 Mazda 3
  2. Macbook
  3. TIME!!!
  4. Deans list in college

  So yeah, doing things again. Have my sewing machine set up, and I’m going to try my hand at making small knickknacks. I’ll be posting something either tonight or tomorrow, so be on the lookout. Also, really quick, I’m on Fiverr. So check me out if you want me to draw you stuff or something.