New project- Variegated Yarn Scarf!

I have been hunting to no avail for a pattern to use for my Variegated yarn that I won on a giveaway on this website back in 2013 it’s in the color “Mountain Heather”  and I gotta tell you, folks, it’s really adorable. (I like it, anyway.)

I thought I had found a pattern for it last night, the window pane scarf , and while that pattern is gorgeous, I don’t feel like it works with the weight of the yarn or the hook I stubbornly want to use. So, I went on the search again.

This time I came up with a pattern I’ve been seeing for quite some time that’s piqued my interest, this chevron lace scarf. It’s the correct weight, and while I’m still determined to use my E Hook with the nice wooden handle, I’m sure it’ll look just fine. And if not, I’ll switch to my H (grumbles I guess…).

Guys, I just really (really) want to use this yarn. It’s so pretty and i want to wear it. I want to use it on a project for myself because I’ve making things for my coworkers and it’s my turn. So I’m also doing this from a place of selfishness, I guess.

But dammit, at least I’ll have a fab new scarf out of the deal.


Ravelry Love!


Diamond Knit Cowl; I love this cowl. It’s gorgeous! Maybe I’m in love with the kind of open, yet cozy look. Or maybe it’s the variegated yarn. Or maybe it’s all of it combined?

Loom Knit Feather and Fan Scarf; this is beautiful loom knit scarf! It’s such a shame I don’t have one of the boards yet. One day. One day I shall and I will make the absolute pants off of this. With gradient yarn.

Eyelet Hearts Pattern; I can see this as a scarf, maybe a shawl…With just that heart pattern I can see a versatile quality to this. Headband? Bandana? Who knows. 😀

Prism Slouchy Hat [knit]; Me and some slouchy hats. I am obsessed with picking a hat that I like, but I am so indecisive. I would love a hat. But I hate that I can’t choose. Maybe this one?

Dolce Fingerless Gloves; Fingerless gloves are in the same realm as hats with me- I love so many of them. But I can’t decide on what to make. Maybe these? Who knows- but these are too cute not to share.

There are so many geniuses on Ravelry, guys. Seriously. So many. And they put out so many gorgeous patterns. So many gorgeous patterns that I can’t make yet. I totally covet lots of them. I’ll share some of the genius next week, or next time I decide to bypass the pinterest roundup in favor of this.

Current Projects

Here are the current projects;

Those are the current projects + one more that I want to start. I’m making my boyfriend a regular link hat in green, and making one for me from an etsy pattern in maroon. I my be making one for our friend in green, too. I kind of haven’t had chance to work on the knitted ones i.e. the scarves. But I’m going to do a couple of repeats on each cable scarf. [Mainly because I do them one or two repeats at a time]

I want to get the headband for this hat done so I can work on the crown of it, but ugh so much to do.

All of this and five projects?!

  Hey, there my lovely followers. I’ve hope I’ve not neglected you too profoundly, I’ve quite a bit on my plate as of late and just now have a brief moment to let you in on what I’ve been doing.

 Firstly, there’s school obligations;

  1. Reading Candide and A Modest Proposal for Literature
  2. Selling my previously needed, and now obsolete, books.
  3. Working on making multiple webpages to get ahead in Web Design.
  4. Trudging through Network terminology and practice that I don’t understand
  5. Working on Psychology Study Guides by repeatedly taking a 50Q quiz. [this alone takes upwards of 5 hours sometimes.]

Then there’s my Craft time that’s spent on

  1. Working on a Cable Scarf made with Lion Brand Homespun Yarn [Windsor]
  2. Making slow progress on ANOTHER cable scarf in the same pattern but with Caron Simply Soft [Bone]. I’m trying to figure out which I like more and am considering doing both and selling one. Or both. I don’t know.
  3. Working on that Seafoam Scarf [Caron Simply Soft Paints Peacock Feather].

I’m about to add a couple more to it;

  1. A Link hat from Legend of Zelda that I quite like.
  2. A Link hat from Legend of Zelda that my beloved favors.

The two above are crocheted, because like Hell I want to play with DPNs right now and I don’t know enough about adjusting loom knit things to be able to make my own pattern. In fact, I know next to nothing about making hats, so….Patterns it is. One day though- I will make my own patterns. 

Oh right-then my personal endeavor to learn the flute. I’ve put music theory on hold so I can learn to make noises with my flute. Still working on the low E. Let me tell you, it’s hard. Requires insane amounts of air, and I can do it on one flute but not my main one. I have a cheap little Hisonic that I play with at work, and just…Maybe the pads aren’t sealing right? My Gemeinhardt is an open hole flute and I can’t get it right. 

 Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone on the crazy crap I’m pulling right now. AND. AND. AND. We’re moving this weekendSo, I get school work, packing, crafting and oxygen deprivation all in one fell swoop. I am ecstatic!! WOO!!

Current WIP?



Yes, yes, I have the knitting bug. My yarn addiction is even worse and this project is annoying and confusing. I started this about  3 weeks ago, and frogged it. I didn’t like how it looked. But I started it, got into two repeats and then waited. Gravity worked its magic on it and I started to like how it looks.

 Honestly though the yarn overs concern me, because I lose count I’m afraid I’ll screw the whole thing. I keep counting the stitches and some of the occurrences of K6 feel like k5 or more. But so far so good numerically. Started at 26 stitches and I still have 26 stitches. Thankfully.

I think I’ll like it, but I might end up selling it. I’m not entirely sure. I’ll probably try to make it really long. But I have no idea. What do you think I do with it? Make it rally really long or a modest 4 feet or so? I’m considering knitting until my yarn’s depleted but I have absolutely NO idea.



And, if you don’t want to look at it. Look at these.

That’s right guys. After a little over two months, I finished. Finally. That link up at the top is my Ravelry project page, feel free to keep an eye on projects and such. I have a lot on my “need to make” list so…

That one ear is crazy, I really don’t like that one ear, but it only took about five minutes to make each grey part of the ear. I’m not terribly worried about having to make it. Also, the dye lot on each grey was different. Which hit me when I was trying to attach the hood. The hood is more blue…I guess the dye lot really does matter. Well- I learned something.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this because I’m super proud of myself. With in 15 minutes of leaving my house, I got a compliment on it. So I’m psyched-even though it’s off center and the ear is screwed up. :/

I’m still counting this as a SUCCESS! And, next up on the completion list? The Seafoam scarf. :3


  You read right, I finished my scarf. The bind off is a bit sloppy, but I’l go in with some chunky yarn and a tapestry needle and pretty it up. BUT IT’S DONE. THIS SIX FOOT LONG MONSTROSITY IS DONE. I finished the hard part! FINALLY. AFTER TWO MONTHS. SERIOUSLY.

 My solace is in the fact that the hard part is over. The hood, which is two pieces connected, is the easy part. And the kitty ears. 


ImageSee? I’m not lying. There it is. I’m proud, you guys