Pinterest Roundup 16!


Overall Dress (somewhat easy)– This is adorable. Basically take some overalls and cut to make a bodice and then sew on some fabric. Bam! Super cute. :3

Crochet Mobius Shawl– This is really cute. And the instructions look super easy. I’ve always wanted a Mobius shawl… :3

Single Crochet Foundation– I’ve seen some patterns that call for SCFC and I had no idea how to do it. Maybe this will help me, along with some of you. 😀

Ten Easy Skirt patterns– I picked my favorite skirt from this for the collage. Maybe when I find a table for my sewing machine I’ll be able to make some of these. 😀

Tunsinian Crochet– I found this and I’ve been curious about Tunsinian Crochet for a while….Doesn’t look TOO hard. xD