UPDATE! Day two: Mountain Heather lace chevron scarf! (wrap?)

Going to try to get into the rhythm of doing updates and stuff after a long day of working on a project, and here is my first of many. As you know, I started this  wrap (scarf?) last night.

After an hour of placing stitch markers and adjusting my tightness on my foundation chain, I finally got what I needed 91 Single Crochet all in a row. Let me tell you, I forgot the pain that is that initial chain. In the spirit of being fed up with it after having too few one too many times, I tried to learn the foundation single crochet.

In theory, I  understand how to maneuver the yarn and the hook to make it work. But, in application…Suffice to say I failed. I got angry and just resumed quietly making chains and tediously trying to make sure sure I was on the right track.

I went to bed, fairly sure, but not certain. I woke up and eventually got a chance to check again to make sure there were no magically added chains to make me angry and ruin my good day (a day spent being productive, and also having a dream shattered. I needed some good news). Lo and behold!  The perfect number of stitches!

Anyway, steering off of that tangent, I got to work on this scarf/wrap/whatever. As I slowly progressed, I counted carefully and before moving on to the next row I ran across the one just completed to make sure my repeats are as they should be, as that’s the case- I’ve not gotten too far, but I have gotten to the point where I can just kind of repeat two rows over and over forever so that means I can take it to work and drone it out on autopilot.

Anyway! The point of this update is this photo~


Ah yes! Progress. I’m not IN LOVE with the colors, but I think as it grows it will look better. It’s in it’s awkward stages at the moment, I think.


Not flying Solo anymore :D

Hey there,  guys. I just figured I’d give you the latest update for Wynn of all Trades. I have another author on this blog now, my best friend who’s own crafting blogs fell apart. Which, I can totally get- blogging does take a substantial amount of time. So, we figured that she could simply post on mine and have all the goodness of blogging with out the upkeep.

So, you’ll be seeing another name popping up on your dash, and that’s why. Because I harassed her into blogging again. Her other blog was Strawberry Crafts.

So, just an update mainly to let you know what’s happening on the blog.

Owl Challenge; Teeny Tiny Owl Keychain

Challenge Part One; Tiny Owl

Position on List: 7

Today’s project was a series of tiny Owls. The first one, was mine. Worked in Mint Blue and Bone. After my boyfriend and my room mate saw the owl they both decided that they would like one. I got the colors Charcoal Heather and Grey Heather approved by both of them and started to work.

Definitely a bit of trial and error. To figure out how I wanted to do the faces and wings. The pattern , for me left some room to play with. One has a cape, because my boyfriend likes Batman and he thought the colors were suitable. I’m going to be making a cape for the other gray one, too.

They seem confident that these will be successful in my shop, so I’m hoping. I’ll be whipping up a lot of these in different color schemes with different faces and stuff. I may try to do more elaborate wings and stripes and stuff. Once I get better adjusted to working with Amigurumi.

Definitely not a bad start.

Headwrap almost done!

I say ALMOST because I’m planning to attach a piece of fabric to it. Perhaps pink or blue, for contrast. If I go with pink, maybe a floral pattern. Or, light blue. I’ll check out my fabric stash tomorrow and see what may work, or I’ll go to walmart and check out some fat quarters or the discard bin.

I’m not sure what I’ll make next- Crocheting for hours at a time makes my hands feel really odd and clumsy. Maybe my next project will be a small scale knitting project. I think I’m ready to knit again after the kitty scarf ordeal. That burnt me out fairly well. xD

I’ll probably have some idea about a knitting project tomorrow. I’ll have my sewing table on the 22nd and be able to sew things again. :3


But yeah, stuff’s happening and after finals, it’s very likely that lots of stuff will be happening. I’m going to take a couple of semesters off to indulge my hobbies and interests before I get caught up in special courses and mathematics.

My earlier promise; Boho Headband take one!


Alright, I started to work on something. I’m using Bernat Sport yarn in Baby Baby, I think. I can’t remember which yarn it is because I long ago balled it up and have long since lost the label. I’ve had this yarn for over a YEAR and I’m just now making something with it. My god.

I’m making THIS which I found on Ravelry. I quite like it, though I wish I had used lace yarn for this. It’s fairly easy, so I can see making multiples. I can’t wait to have this thing done. I made it 250+4 chains long, which is quite a bit more than called for. I made more to account for the thinner yarn.

I made it through the first two rows, and now I’m taking a break. I think I may make it like 7-8 rows. Perhaps add some fringe to each end, I’m not sure. I do quite like this yarn though.

Fairly sure my next one will be made with this lovely teal yarn I have- or more like blue-green with a touch a of sheen to it. Or, maybe burgundy? I need to use up some of my stash before I buy more.

Link’s exasperation


I’m nearly done with the hat, perhaps between fifteen and twenty rounds to go. And I have to tell you, I’m incredibly exasperated. It doesn’t look like it’ll fit my boyfriend. And not by a little, perhaps by a lot. Instead of ripping it back and starting over and I’m determined to finish this hat. I don’t know what I plan to do with it, but I know I’m going to finish it. I’m considering what to do for the future attempt, perhaps thicker yarn? Maybe make it with the loom? I have no idea.


But I am so upset about this. I’ve slowed down on the working on it, because…I don’t know. I guess I’m feeling kind of blah as of late. I’ve started drawing again, but I’m not terribly motivated. I’ve gotten a lot of books on drawing and improving photography, and I’ve gotten prepared to attend University in the fall. But, I’m still feeling kind of flat. You may see more than just crafts, you may start seeing some writing or digital drawings or even photographs, so I can feel like I’m contributing to the blog.

Really- of all trades, could mean literally all I do. And I’m pretty sure, it’s up to me to decide.However, if you have an opinion feel free to comment it below. I plan to finish this hat this weekend while I’m at work [all alone for like a cumulative 16 hours. Yikes!]. Gotta tell you folks, I am not looking forward to this weekend.

On a different note, I’m not being invisible because I’m stressed. On the contrary, they gave me medicine that’s helping with my extreme anxiety and depressive phases. So, yay! Perhaps I’ll post again this evening. :3

Link’s disappointment

Above is what I have done of the link hat. The band is actually the updated progress. Why? because when I got it to the point in the photo where it’s standing up, the row of DC at the top made it horribly inflexible. It wouldn’t fit me so I know for a fact it wouldn’t fit my beloved. So I ripped it back.

And I had to start on the band again. I’m thinking maybe 24 instead of 18 inches. I learned how to add on to rows that have already been fastened off. So that was cool. It’s just REALLY disappointing because I thought I was making some real headway.

Ah well. I’m proud the added rows because you can’t tell.  Success? I’ll start working on it more tomorrow. That’s totally enough for tonight.